Monday, March 3, 2014

Shaping data and the Tableau Data Shaper

Here is a good post that explains how you might want to clean up and *shape* your data for display in Tableau. How you format your data before import can determine a lot about what you can do with it once in Tableau.

The Tableau Add-in for Excel is a great help for this. Here is a post with detailed instructions about it, but I have some short cuts here, because our school machines don't give you admin access and you might not be able to download and run the .exe file.

  • Download this file (Tableau.xlam) and put it in Documents > My Tableau Repository.
  • Go into Excel > File > Options > Add-ins
  • At the bottom, choose Manage > Excel Add-ins and click Go
  • Browse to fine the Tableau.xlam file in Documents > My Tableau Repository.
  • Click OK through the boxes and you should end up with the "Tableau" menu in Excel.


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