Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Getting a Lat/Long from Google Maps

UPDATE 4.13.2014: It looks like the "new" Google Maps has returned the old functionality of being able to right-click on any spot in a map and choose "What's here" to get a decimal-based latitude and longitude. So I think the directions below are irrelevant now.


It's easiest to do from the "classic" google maps. Who knows how long that will be available, so I've explained how with the "new" maps as well.
  • Type in the address and hit return and make sure Google Maps takes you to the right place.
  • Right-click on the map at the location and choose “What's here.”
  • That will put something like this in the search bar: “30.258659,-97.744548”
  • Put the first number that usually starts with “30” in the Latitude field.
  • Put the second number that usually starts with ”-97” in the Longitude field.
If you have the “new” google maps, you have to do some extra work to get lat/long. It's easier to just use the “classic” link above, but if you insist:
  • Type in the address and hit return to find the location
  • X-out the location in the search bar so the pin goes away.
  • Click on the map where the pin was, (and then maybe click again) and a window will come up showing the address and the lat, long, but it will formatted wrong. It will be something like: 30° 22.096', -97° 42.209'. Copy that text.
  • Go to http://dbsgeo.com/latlon/ and paste in the text into Place Name.
  • Make sure it takes you to your location, then from the “Latitude, Longitude” under the map copy the “30” number into Latitude into the homicide database, and the ”-97” number into Longitude.


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